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Why Bings Ads Are Good For Your Business?

Over the last two years, the market for web ads has risen. Every year, businesses of all sizes have raised their annual marketing budgets for online services.

Search engine ads, of course, play a large part in this field. Though Google doesn’t release the total amount businesses spend on search ads, we can safely assume it’s astronomical. Despite the fact that Google dominates search and paid ad sales, Bing is a site that can not be overlooked.

Benefits of Bing Ads are good for your business.

1. Bing Ads Expansion

Although Google’s market share is shrinking, Bing is gaining ground at a breakneck pace, specially in USA.

2. There is a Lower Level of Competition

Since there are far less companies advertised on Bing than on Google, there is far less competition.

3. Bing Ads is less Expensive

It is therefore less costly to market on Bing due to the reduced competition. While it’s difficult to say just how much cheaper Bing is, it seems to be dramatically so with more queries. Users show a 35 percent reduction in cost per click on average. It’s even quicker to get to the top of the search pages.

4. You Have More Authority

Allowing different campaigns to run in different time zones or languages within an ad community level makes ad scheduling much simpler and more flexible. Simply put, it saves you time and headaches when it comes to reorganising ad campaigns.

5. Bing Ads Has Greater Transparency

Bing helps companies to see which search partners are bringing visitors to their site via paying search partner ads (advertising through Bing on third-party affiliates). Their monitoring also helps you to spot ineffective or unethical search alliances. You should get rid of those that you don’t like.

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