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6 Reasons Why You Should Study Digital Marketing in 2022

Learning digital marketing can be a good decision for an individual who is interested in earning online and working remotely. Digital Marketing is the new trend and will last for years now as we all are going online or digital and now brands and businesses are going digital and leaving traditional marketing ways.

With a large number of startups across niches now looking for their customers online, choosing to learn digital marketing in 2022 can surely become a game-changing endeavour for individuals aspiring to make a name for themselves in the field of digital marketing.

With many opting for a digital-first marketing approach, it’s not wrong to say that digital marketing is definitely picking up steam as the best career option, let us concede that it makes sense to learn digital marketing and brand promotion in a world that is now almost easily accessible to the 3.7 billion people in India.

If you are still doubtful about learning digital marketing , let us take you through these best 6 reasons we think you should definitely do so! Let’s dive right in –

Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing in 2022?

Below are a few of the top reasons as to why you should learn Digital Marketing in 2022. You should keep in mind that this is not a complete list; nonetheless, we have done our best to present facts that are both reasonable and also tried to answer your questions, you may have in your mind about enrolling in a digital marketing course in 2022.

1. Demand

Learning digital marketing can be a good decision owing to the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the scope of a career in Digital Marketing in India alone will be worth more than $160 billion by the year 2025.

Digital marketing job roles have been in the top 10 most-in-demand jobs with a total of 860,000 jobs, as listed by LinkedIn, and the number is expected to only increase with the rapid adoption of digitized technologies.

Thus, learning digital marketing now can actually benefit you in a lot of ways. Considering that multiple areas of digital marketing are in vogue currently, the main being the likes of social media, PPC and email marketing, knowing about the basics of digital marketing can be fruitful for you.

2. Growth Of Online-first Businesses

Another reason to learn digital marketing in 2022 is the growth of digital-first businesses which use technology-enabled infrastructure to deliver products and services to their target audience.

With the Covid-19 induced ‘lockdown’ in 2020, sectors such as foodtech, digital entertainment, gaming and ecommerce have grown exponentially.

In an attention-first economy, businesses are clamouring for a pie of India’s consumer story by creating a friendly, positivity-fueled brand image on the Internet. In such a scenario, the need for digital marketing professionals who have learnt digital marketing from scratch and can offer unique insights and ideas to build great brands on the Internet has increased exponentially.

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3. Cost Effective

Learning digital marketing in 2022 is a great choice as it not only reduces the cost of advertising but it also provides higher ROI. The traditional methods of marketing are definitely effective but are certainly not cheap at all. The whole process of printing, distributing, and paying for offline spaces intended for advertising is really costly, especially at the moment.

Having a digital presence is cost-effective and requires way less amount of money to advertise a product than say TV commercials or hoardings. Aspiring digital marketers who are learning digital marketing can actually contribute to these brands by creating budget-friendly marketing strategies.

4. Easy To Start A Career

The barrier-to-entry for a career in digital marketing is relatively lower as compared to emerging fields such as AI, ML, web development or even animation. Learning the basics of digital marketing through an online course, video tutorial or in-depth blogs can actually help you practice everything in a hands-on manner and in creating a portfolio that is both robust and result-oriented.

Not just this, you can even start working as an independent consultant or freelancer after getting started with learning digital marketing online. You can get a lot of practical experience simply by using social media or running your own blog and including it in your portfolio, without even investing in getting any professional, expensive degree.

5. Social Media As A Channel For Customer Acquisition

Apart from enabling people to connect with each other and share multimedia online, social media has also started to emerge as a potent channel for acquiring new customers for your brand or product. Many companies use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to drive sales and generate leads for themselves, and having skilled marketers who have learnt digital marketing from scratch and can run ads is a plus for them.

Using social media channels, brands can engage with customers and provide them value through different strategies over a sustained period of time, while also taking their feedback.

Furthermore, as a digital marketer who has knowledge of various digital marketing techniques and tools, you can easily re-target old customers while also retaining the new ones.

6. Extensive Variety

One of the biggest reasons to learn digital marketing is because the field offers you a lot of variety when it comes to the tasks you will perform on-the-job. There are multiple aspects associated with digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, PPC and content marketing to name a few.

You can start learning digital marketing by choosing to specialize in any of the above techniques and gain extensive experience in that domain, before switching to the other one, if the job demands. To be very honest, Facebook advertising and content marketing are one of the hottest techniques associated with digital marketing, when it comes to both brands as well as aspiring marketers.

There are a lot of job opportunities in digital marketing and if anything, they will only increase in the coming years. Hence, deciding to learn digital marketing in 2022 can prove to be a pivotal point in your career.

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