Fee Structure

We believe the fee structure at GSIM is not based on relative comparisons with what other coaching institutes might be charging or the prevalent industry benchmarks.

We aim to charge course fees that are commensurate with the quality and the level of our test preparatory services, while considering the general income level of the relevant state where the course is offered and the course fees charged by our competitors. The fees that we charge our students include a variety of components such as a registration fee, admission fee, tuition fee, technology fee and exam fee, depending on the course offered.

We typically charge students based on the type of course they choose to enrol in, and we seek gradually to increase our course fees without compromising our student enrolment. We update course fees annually, depending on a variety of factors such as local competition and the variety of courses offered.

Among other factors, the fee charged for the test preparatory services is one of the important factors considered by students and parents while selecting a test preparatory provider. To attract students to enrol for our courses, we provide concessions on the course fees that we charge, on a student-by-student basis.

We believe, it is the quality of education that should be preferred over fee structure when it comes to Digital Marketing Training Institute in Gurdaspur, Dhariwal, Dinanagar & Pathankot.